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Consider becoming a web master for Ecoflicks – it’s a volunteer role but will get you involved in an exciting creative scene here on the coast. The project runs an annual short film competition to encourage local creativity, awareness and engagement in environmental projects. Ecoflicks provides support for both experienced and wannabe film makers to get going, get creative and share an ecological message.

Ecoflicts is supported by Noosa Integrated Catchment Association Inc. (NICA) and has been sponsored by the Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT), the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) and others.

For info please contact Maree Prior direct on 0417 554 905 or check out: ecoflicks.org.au

Farm sharing is common sense

Farm sharing is common sense

Precis of an article in The Range News, 3rd Apr 2013 >

Alexina Johnson & Jay Hilder of Finding Common Ground

Alexina Johnson & Jay Hilder of Finding Common Ground. Photo by The Range News

WANTED: Landholder with property suitable for food production who can save a Sunshine Coast farmer.

The agricultural industry is a tough nut to crack, but the not-for-profit organisation Finding Common Ground may have found a solution through a share farming agreement.

Alexina Johnson, chief executive officer of Finding Common Ground, is trialling the concept on her own Obi Obi property that she shares with farmer Jay Hilder.

“Our farming industry in this region is built on the back of share farming,” Mrs Johnson said.

“We have taken an older concept and turned it into a 21st century idea.

“There’s a lot of landholders who have got a lot of beautiful country to grow things but don’t have the time or experience, and that’s why we’re moving this forward.”

Jay Hilder has been in and out of the agricultural industry since he completed his Rural Management degree 20 years ago, he has a Masters in Natural Resource Management but found the work on offer was in the mining sector, an industry that conflicted with his values.

“I very much wanted to get back to the land, but I did not really have an opportunity to buy the amount of land I needed to farm with,” he said.

I had come up with the idea that maybe I could exchange my time for living on land and working part-time with a farmer.

“I found Sharing Common Ground and Alexina and I clicked straight away.”

For information about the group or to offer land phone 5446 9176.

Read the full article in The Range News, 3rd Apr 2013 >

Jay Hilder of Blooming Great! a Permaculture market garden project on the Sunshine Coast

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held his groundA shout out for Jay…

Jay Hilder of Blooming Great!, a Permaculture market garden project on the Sunshine Coast, is putting a shout out for work to help him realise his dream.

Can you help?

We are happy to put a shout out for Jay Hilder who is quite an inspiration in that he has transformed his life from a city-slicker IT high flyer to an earthy permaculture organic grower, focused on food security and conscious development. Nothing wrong with earning heaps of dollars in the city if that’s your calling but for Jay he felt he wanted to be more connected to creating a sustainable and locally resilient future for himself and his community. Making the transition has not been easy but Jay has stuck with it and is finding his way which is just what the Transition movement is all about.

Jay is on the path to setting up a market garden but needs some interim work now to help him on his way. You may know someone who can help.

Here is a personal message from the man himself…

For Jay’s resume see: resume for Jay Hilder >

Jay Hilder - man on a missionHey there,

I am writing to ask for your help in finding suitable part time work on the Sunshine coast.

I have found my dream and passion and started a permaculture farm share with two others. Our intention is to grow market garden greens, sprouts, mushrooms and free range eggs to sell locally. We have the land, the water, the time, expertise and a bounty of customers already. Our growing schedule shows us that we will make an income that can sustain us from September onwards. It is really very exciting. You can see us at FaceBook.com/BloominGreat

However, in the meantime the bills still need to be paid.

So, I am keen to offer my services to an organisation on an ongoing basis to help them achieve their goals and mine.

What I offer is skills and experience in:

  • farming, plant nurseries, construction and landscaping
  • managing people and projects
  • business, government and community organisations
  • group facilitation

My resume is attached to give you more info.

I am open to roles:

  • preferably in agriculture, land management, resources, forestry industries
  • in other industries too
  • part time permanent, casual for 3-5 days per week
  • flexible hours throughout the week and weekends
  • working for an organisation that has good team environment
  • that are a challenge
  • within 40 minutes of Obi Obi valley (behind Mapleton)

If the organisation you work for is looking for someone dynamic, reliable, who can learn quickly and work as part of a team then please let me know. I can start within the week.


Jay Hilder
Permaculture Farmer
B. App. Sc. (Rural Management), M. Natural Resources Studies
Ph: 0423 211 637

Coffee meeting, Food Hall Big Pineapple, 9am Sat 15 December

After a year of weekly stalls at the Big Pineapple we have ceased our regular ‘booking’ there. This will enable our active group to attend other venues and events with our displays and conversations.

HOWEVER..!! We are proposing monthly coffee meetings (9.00 AM on each 3rd Saturday at the Food Hall Big P – so next Saturday, December 15th) Many of us will still shop and catch up at the Big P, so say hello when you see us.

For 2013

Please contact us about your interest in either attending or hosting dinners – small, local, and at people’s homes, or occasionally at public or picnic venues.

Visiting speakers/workshops/visits to demo sites; Film nights? book clubs? Perma/garden blitzes? Regional events and market days – travelling displays; Newspapers, school news/blogs – sharing ideas and cross pollinating and letting people know we are around. Please contact us when you hear of something you’d wish to share and we’ll see how we can facilitate this, or contribute.

You may be interested in seeing/sharing our Presentation TT Beerwah 2012 slideshow Presentation1 TT Beerwah 2012 (click the link to download Powerpoint  487KB)

Picnic dinner November 14th

Picnic dinner next Wednesday November 14th at Big Pineapple
(5.30 for 6.00 – 8.30PM)

Please bring your own (BYO) plates, cups, beverages, some food to share (or for yourself) and serving spoons. Chairs and tables provided in food court, upstairs level. (Bring your knitting/crochet and exchange some tips beforehand if you were part of the great yarn revolution conversation last time!).

We are going to create some plans for 2013, and possibly a visit from Jim of Jim and Jill’s organics stall at the markets, to talk about his passion for fresh organic food and some local collaborations http://uttleyrawfood.com/   www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyXShxRsU08.

Change of Venue August Picnic Dinner


Tuesday August 21st the Picnic dinner is at Palmwoods Hall, Main Street Palmwoods.

(NOT the Big Pineapple) – 6.30 eat and mingle with announcements and introductions from 7.00.  Please bring your own food or some food to share – suggested theme is Indian – beverages of choice, and all plates, cups, cutlery, linen necessary. We ask you to also remove your own rubbish after and we’ll be packed up and leaving by 9.00 PM.

Aug & Sept upcoming events

Date claimers:

1. Richard Heinberg speaks at Big Pineapple!

Saturday September 15th, 5.30 PM,
BIG PINEAPPLE FUNCTION ROOM, Nambour Connection Road, Woombye,  QLD

The famous Richard Heinberg who heads up the Post Carbon Institute will speak on ‘The End of Growth’ – http://www.postcarbon.org/

“Continuous growth of either population or GDP is impossible in a finite world. Both of these are unsustainable and have now run up against nature’s biophysical limits. Nature is now moving humanity to a transition point, one that is as profound as the transition from hunter/gatherer to settled agriculture 10,000 years ago. Richard Heinberg explains the close link between the resource/environment and the social/economic components of the present global turmoil. While the conventional wisdom is that we must get ‘the economy’ growing again, Heinberg shows that not only is this the wrong strategy, it is actually making the situation worse.”

$10 pre-booking:  deltakilo@iprimus.com.au


2. Michael Shuman

Tuesday September 25th, 6.00 PM at the Big Pineapple

Also from the Post Carbon Institute, Michael Shuman an expert on the finer, ‘how to’ points of localization – will talk about localizing your business, your finances, your life activities in preparation for difficult times ahead.

While our previous guest, Nicole Foss, is a Big Picture person, Michael has a lot of detailed, on the ground advice and numerous innovative approaches for getting money back into local communities. In the video below, he is addressing an American audience. But he has been to Australia before and is familiar with the scene here.


3. August picnic/potluck dinner NB: CHANGE OF VENUE!!


Transition Picnic Dinner July 12

The next Transition dinner is this coming Thursday evening July 12th at the back of the main hall The Big Pineapple 5.30 PM – 9.30.PM. Bring your own plates and utensils and food to share (or not share if you prefer). BYO beverages. Please take home your leftovers and packaging.

We’ll follow the somewhat informal format of the last dinner which worked well. There’ll be an opportunity to ‘discover’ who is present and a few topics will be addressed briefly. The floor will be open for any event announcements. The mike will be roving for discussion of any Transition  topics or related issues. Continue reading

Transition Eudlo

This coming Sunday 6th May at Sweetheart’s Cafe – from 8.30 am – tables reserved.- good coffee and breakfast – always a lively event. – repeats on first Sunday of each month – includes seed saving and other things Permacultural..

Transition Picnic Dinner at the Big Pineapple with Nicole Foss

TONIGHT Wednesday 2nd May 5.30 pm

Bring everything
What is everything?

Everything includes – food, either to share or not, drink, (intoxicating or not), vessels (such as plates, cups and glasses) and cutlery.

The Big Pineapple management is providing the space, tables and chairs without charge as long as we don’t riot and we take away our rubbish.

Do you have a new Transition Initiative? This is a chance to talk about it and gather participants.

More Q & A – Nicole will answer your questions and participate in discussions.

Does anyone have a mic and amplifier that you would be willing to bring along? If so could you phone me:
John Isaacs-Young on 5442 2118 or 0468 333 137
or Jeanette on 0438 562 118